8.) Missing the Mark

The freedom from sin is in the discovery of the awesome meaning and parameters of THE TRUTH (Jn.8:32). The biggest lie about sin is that it is merely something you do or don’t do. Israel found that confessing specific sins over the blood of bulls and goats did not free them from sin. God intended these acts of sacrificing animals as atonement for their sins to be merely an outward sign of inward love for God (Ps.51:17). All the 10,000 some laws, rituals and ceremonies were “a shadow” of the New Testament revelation which has now been revealed in Christ (Heb.8:5/Col.2:17).
Striving to not sin will never make your nature suitable for God (Rom.3:20/Heb.7:18-19). You will always fall short. Yes, sin is the violation of God’s Law. It was Adam and Eve’s violation of God’s Word, in the past, which was the FIRST act of sin. However, this one act brought about consequences which totally and completely ravaged and defiled the nature and existence of man for all time. Man’s once perfect being is now totally imperfect. You and I are born with the hideous and monstrous NATURE of Adam (Ps.51:5). Before the fall our nature was in the image of God. After the fall man became monstrous, we are now more like a beast than like God (2Pt.3:12/Ps.49:20).
Have you ever blasted somebody for doing something stupid only to see yourself do exactly the same thing? Your behavior toward that person and against that person exposes an identical similarity with the nature of that person. All men are exactly the same by nature because all men have the same exact nature of Adam. From the top of you head to the bottom of your feet you are living in a package of decaying flesh that is the production of Adam’s sin. The only thing left-over from the fall that is worthwhile is the conscience, or inner awareness of God, which cannot save you. It is only meant to bear witness to your sin and to God’s holiness (Rom.1:19/2:14). Sin is not “out there”. It can be seen by simply looking in a mirror. Pride, sloth, depression and decay are blatant. Sin is not an abstract concept. There is an actual physical appearance and feeling of “swelling up” in the sin of pride (Ps.10:4/73:6).
When people ask how I know they are a depressed sinner, aside from the witness of their own conscience and the revelation of the Bible, I simply tell them to look in the mirror. The eyes of depression and the face of arrogance are obvious (Mt.6:22). This “swelling up” is the essence of self-deification (Is.2:17). It is your immediate reaction whenever you are confronted with God’s truth. It was the immediate sense Adam had, after he sinned, in defending himself to God (Gen.3:10). 
Man had never before known shame. This shame caused him then and you now, to HIDE and deny the wickedness of your sinful nature. Thus, Adam was the originator and master conspirator of the conspiracy. The ATTITUDE to hide and deny your wickedness is the conspiracy! It is the all our endeavor to trivialize your sin in the Presence of God (Gen.3:8-10/Ps.51:4).
Eve was the mother of pretense and image. All your daily expressions are some variation of her original defiance. They are all an attempt to project the lie that you are “not that bad of a person”. Pride is the source of all your problems. It drives and blinds you. Your every gesture, mannerism and intonation is seeking to convince yourself, and others, that you are something that you are not. You may not say “black is white!” but that’s exactly what you think about your own heart.
 People think that lying or exaggeration is not that serious but Jesus says the source of all lies is SATAN (Jn.8:44/Eph.4:25). This is why the light of truth is so essential for real salvation (Jn.17:17,8:32/Ps.51:6). If you want to “understand” sin than you must contemplate the ways of Adam and Eve. You must see Adam’s thinking in you and your attitude in him. It is our basic instinct to deny the depths of our sin. It is our adamic nature.  He said “I heard the sound of Thee in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid myself” (Gen.3:10). You are driven deep, deep within by a terrible fear of God’s punishment (1Jn.4:18/Rom.8:15). It is like a desperate criminal fleeing the scene of a horrendous crime. You are afraid of God because your conscience tells you that you should be afraid. You are intimately aware of the terrible evil within you even though you do not understand it. Shame saturates every cell in our body to such an extent that we are compelled to hide our physical nakedness.
Sin is entrenched in our inescapable nature.  It is ingrained into our very genes at birth (Rm.5:12/Ps.51:5). Every molecule in our body is saturated with this frustrated defiance.
 I was always taught, like you, that Adam and Eve’s sin was something done in the past and had only a theoretical correspondence to me today. I didn’t think of my daily routine, of decisions and feelings, as an ongoing expression of their rebellion. I didn’t realize that my reactions, and interactions with others, are born out of their nature within me. I never thought of my natural life today as simply an extension of their rebellion back then. I simply thought “Hey this is my life and I’m doing what I want to”. Exactly! As a direct offspring of Adam everything we think is born out of SELF-LIFE. I never understood that EGO IS SIN!
The word ego is a Greek pronoun(“eyo” )which means “I AM”. Do you realize that before Adam and Eve sinned there was no such thing as an EGO?! Think about that! There was no self-life. It is impossible to even imagine not having self-awareness in your present state. Satan so defiled man’s nature with sin that you can not conceive, without regeneration, of God-consciousness. Satan corrupted man with the very thing that caused him to be thrown out of heaven SELF-PRIDE(Is.14:11/Ez.28). the essence of all rebellion says “I can be like God without God”7. >In the Christian context it is “I can be like Christ without the cross of Christ”.>
atan knew that God’s holiness would be SO “offended” by Adam’s new found self-autonomous nature, that God would have to turn away from man. The word sin means “offense” or “missing the mark”. You are an offense to God by tour very ego-centered nature (Rom.9:13)!
Everything you do, by nature, misses the intended mark of God’s Perfection. It doesn’t matter how “right” it might feel or appear. Because it is born out of your proud nature it is and offense to God. He despises the “I am” which Adam said to him in the Garden and today rules your every moment by moment. All your behavior in life ‘misses the mark’ of His created purpose.

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