5.) Conspiracy: Delusion or Reality?

I have preached to millions of people on the streets of fifty states here in the U.S and many countries throughout the world. In all my dealings with scores of different types of people I have never once met a person who says that they hate Jesus. Have you? Yet, in regards to the whole human race Jesus says “THEY HATED ME WITHOUT A CAUSE” (Jn.15:25). Everyone says just the opposite. So who is lying? When I began to consider Jesus I was blown away by the instant rejection I encountered from “the guys”. I used to take God’s Name in vain and scream about the stupidest things and I was a “cool dude”. I could even talk about “God” in some vague and generic concept and that was ok. Yet, when I began to seriously talk about Jesus my “friends and family” immediately rejected me as a “weirdo”. This bedazzled me! Yet, at the same time, it was like I was finally catching-on, or discovering, that this very serious and mysterious reality that this was indeed going to be THE ANSWER to all the question of my inner turmoil!
I have never met a man who seriously admits being “a beast”. Yet I read in the Bible that God says all men are miserable monsters (Ps.49:12,20). So who is lying here? Why is everyone so intent on acting so nice and happy? People don’t brag about their lust or anger. They hide it. They brag about their “good works”. Why? God says there is a conspiracy by the whole world, designed by Satan, against Him (1Jn.5:19). He says the imagination of men “run riot” as they “set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue parades through the earth (Ps.73:7-9).  Yet everyone insists that they are a good person and that they love God. So who is lying?! Maybe God just doesn’t understand that the human race has become “better” since those primitive and barbaric days of Noah?
The world uses words like “paranoid” or “crazy” to describe someone like myself. I am a “Jesus freak”. To the “Christian” world I am a “lone ranger with a martyr complex”, “in need of inner healing” as a “false prophet”. You see, I am exposing the conspiracy that is very, very deep, dark, outrageous and offensive. Most of the people in the Bible who confronted and exposed it were killed.  It is very offensive, especially to the so-called Christians. I’m sure you think of yourself as basically a good person trying hard to be Christian. The thought of being involved in some sinister conspiracy against God is ridiculous. Maybe some evil Satanists would do such a thing but not you. Well consider this: The essential goal of any successful conspiracy, or deception, is to keep the main players unaware of the underlying plot in which they are actually participating in. Deception is essential for a plot to succeed. Jesus doesn’t say a few people are misguided. He says all men in the whole world are deceived!!! Not a little, but completely!!!(1Jn.5:17/2Cor.4:4). This means YOU!
Even King David and Paul were intense about humiliating themselves in fear of this deception (Ps.19:12-13/1Cor.9:27/2Cor.12:7,13:5).
I assure you, there has never been one
person, in their right mind, who has ever declared “I am deceived by Satan and want to burn forever in the lake of fire”. Deception is able to work upon you because it’s greatest power is at work within you. Satan wants from you what you want for yourself: pride! Do you think deception appears as some two-horned, pitch-fork- toting caricature? Do you think you have to drink blood and kill children to go to hell?! People are quick to be outraged at the Germans who lived under the conspiracy of Hitler not realizing that it did not become blatant until, after many years, when it was far too late.
Just think about this for a moment. From the early age of six years old you were legally forced into a schooling system, established by men, who saturated you mind for eight hours a day, with predetermined values and goals, for at least twelve years of you life!!! You were swept away, from early in the morning to mid-afternoon during your most vulnerable and impressionable years, into a system of intense peer pressure and authoritarian intimidation.
Your heart and mind were subjected to attitudes, values and goals predetermined by total strangers. During your most susceptible years you had nothing to say about how you were being shaped! The constant message bombarded into you subconscious was to cultivate the power within called SELF-LIFE. There was never even a question about it all; whether what you were doing and learning was the right thing, and your very parents, friends and everyone else were in hearty approval of this procedure because they too were a part of it. This doesn’t scare you?!?
This scenario also takes place at the religious realm where one of the 30,000 denominations, cults or religions saturated your mind with the basic mentality that God loves you as you are and He just wants you to try hard to be good. One year after another you were trained and programmed to continue in and depend on what the systems of man teach. Are you willing to humbly admit you’ve duped?
The poison of pride is at work within you. Will you now face the serpent to find deliverance? There is a saying in the marines “Once a marine always a marine”. They say once a marine is trained, the rest of his life he thinks like a marine. Such effects are not easily remedied and eliminated by adult maturation, a change of heart, church attendance or a “sinner’s prayer”!

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