6.) So who is the "Enemy"?

It would be one thing if you could objectively consider what I am about to say. It is possible, when considering merchandise, to contemplate different cars, refrigerators or chairs in an objective manner. You can stand back, look at your options, and choose what is best for you. There is nothing inherent in your nature that is bent on a certain make and that would drive you to make a wrong decision. However, this is NOT the case when it comes to the conspiracy of the world against God. There is something in you that is already inherently set against the truth. It is intent on driving your pride to make the wrong decision for your future. Everything in you and around you is set to destroy you.
For you to get beyond your own nature, and objectively “hear” what I am saying, requires nothing less than a humble heart on your part, and the supernatural intervention of God called, mercy (Mt.7:7). Webster’s Dictionary defines sin in this shallow way; “a transgression against God’s Law”. It is my hope to bring the “light” of God’s Word to show you that sin is not at all what you have been taught all your life by the systems of men  (Jn.12:35-36,11:9, 8:12).
Most people admit they are a sinner, even though they may not use this specific word. They may say “Well, we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect”. No serious person claims to be perfect. So it’s no big act of humility to make some vague admission that you are a “sinner”.
Can you imagine going up to a stranger and saying “Hi, how ya doin? Excuse me, but I’m really a horrible monster full of misery and death trying to escape the madness of my insanity. I have the potential in my nature for unimaginable acts of evil. Would you mind helping me for a minute”?
You’d see that person run so fast in the opposite direction you’d think you had just threatened to kill them. This is exactly what you did! By declaring the truth of your nature they are threatened with having their nature exposed, in other words you exposed the conspiracy.
 People get up-tight when someone refuses to act happy because it might force them to face the snake of their own misery. In God’s eyes, there is nothing too bad that anyone could say about you. Admitting you are a monster would only be consistent with being an “honest” sinner. It would be free of pretense and image. But no one would ever think you were serious, unless you looked like some bizarre madman with a crazed (charles manson type) look in your eyes.
The world has already established a set system of classifications to deal with the three-letter-word (sin) which indicate varying degrees of good people and bad people. The murderers and perverts are on the bottom and those who claim to be Christian are on the top. Isn’t it amazing? Rock stars sing about being “wicked” and multitudes buy the songs. Bikers portray an image of being “bad and raunchy” and they gain respect. Comedians joke about evil and millions of people laugh in agreement. Magazines, newspapers and talk-shows exploit filthy perversions and everyone is compelled to interest. Yet everyone insists they are “basically a good person”. How could anyone deny a conspiracy? Just confront someone, or talk about yourself as being evil, in a serious tone; “Oh you shouldn’t feel that way about yourself” or “judge not lest ye be judged”.
God says you are a “snake”, “maggot”, “useless”, “murderer”etc.etc(ConsiderIsaiah.59:3ff/Rom.3:10/Job.25:6).
There is nothing good or right about you at all. You are inherently bent on evil I was always taught that, even though I sinned, “once in a while”, I was basically a good person. So when I first read the third chapter of the book of Romans in the Bible I was totally stunned! Contrary to what I had always been taught, God never says anything good about man. Absolutely nothing! In fact everything God says about man is horrible! He regretted even creating mankind (Gen.6:5-That intense inner drive to act “nice and good” is a total lie! Someone who knows they have a fatal disease does not pop around like “Barney the Dinosaur”. Jesus NEVER trusted any man because He knew the terrible evil that was beneath man’s outward image (Jn.2:24).
Likewise I do not relate to you according to your testimony about yourself but according to God’s testimony about you being evil.
 Most people think being a ‘sinner’ is just making  some occasional “mistakes”. Let me tell you something. In God’s eyes, a sin is never a mistake. It is always a very deliberate decision for which you are totally accountable (2Cor.5:10). You may admit being a “sinner”, in a Christian context, but I assure you, you have no idea what this really means! The fact is, there is no more offensive word in the English language than “sinner”. There is something in you so vile, so heinous, so atrocious the only corresponding reality to it is a lake of eternal torment and burning (Luke.12:5).
Think about it! For you to become offended by anything someone says to you, especially if it is for the sake of truth, exposes that you are totally caught up in the conspiracy. You are a fool being destroyed by the enemy within. There is no more offensive creature on the face of the earth than you are to God. To understand what it means to be a sinner is to be so broken by the realization of your vile and monstrous nature your mouth is SHUT when it comes to defending yourself (Rm.3:19). There were thousands of Israelites who thought it was pretty stupid to believe that facing a snake was the answer for their deliverance. 
And they were killed! It blows me away to hear so-called Christians say, in one breath, that they know they are a sinner then, in another breath, defend themselves and be offended when I expose their sin nature. He enemy has a superb disguise. They claim to know they are a sinner but rationalize their proud selfishness when their monster of sin is confronted. They are totally blinded to the nature of sin. No one could say anything worse about you then what God has already said about you in His Word (Rom.3:13). Everything about you is repulsive to God! Knowing about Christ does not make your sinful nature nicer in God’s eyes. Some will tritely admit they were once evil, but not since they ‘accepted Christ’. The “churches” are packed with people who are convinced they must appear as happy monsters. Even at the end of his ministry Paul uses the present tense when, in regards to sinners he says “I am foremost of all” (1Tim.1:15). Isaiah says “I am a man of unclean lips”(Is.6:5). How much response would you get from telling a dead corpse the wickedness of its nature?
I’m talking about your initial reaction to truth. Wherever there is even the slightest bit of offense is the proof that the enemy of sin is alive and well within you. A man who has truly come to what he is CANNOT BE OFFENDED!  The enemy within rebels against God's revelation of exposing you of being wicked. Your daily awareness of yourself is not as a horrible monster. You haven’t murdered anybody lately and I wouldn’t imagine that you are now armed with a twelve inch butcher knife about to kill the next person who walks by your house. So where is all this monstrous and vile insanity? Where is all this monstrous activity going on? It is only when you start living the truth is when you start seeing the truth.
There is a huge DECEPTION, in your conscious between what the Bible says about you and what you think about yourself. Right now you are totally unable to see or to deal with the man of sin (2Thess.2:3/Eph.4:22). You need “LIGHT” (Jn.12:35-36, 11:9, 8:12).
Your heart is pounding every moment with the diabolical conspiracy to defy God’s truth (Rm.1:19). It is in full operation, at the subconscious level, in all men. Everything you do is in direct reaction to His revelation. Men will say they don’t know if there is a God or they don’t know what is the right thing to do. God says all men do know but they are all lying (Rm.1:19-20/2:14). To see the monster outside you must first see the monster inside (Mt.7:5).
When I first began to consider the ramifications of these truths it caused no little trouble within my mind. People walking down the sidewals do not appear as a bunch of wild seething monsters. when you go to the mall you dn't seee anyone growling or dripping with blood. quite the contrary. Everyone looks so nece and happy. you'd never thin all men are hiding the misery of their sinful disease. the plot is so well conceived you'd think it would have required well organized meetings and sophisticated planning groups. but you see, since all men have the one nature, of Adam, Satan is able to easily orchestrate the same reasoning of defiance in each generation. 

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